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Just one week away from the ''normal'' life, on the 1st of July my work opens up again and that means back to work and reading less then I did for the last 2 months! So this is my last week of reading what I can and want! I'm listening to the audiobook from Harry... Lees verder →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello, I've been tagged in ''The Sunshine Blogger Award'' by Danni aka _ForBooksSake , thank you so much! How does it work? Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the... Lees verder →

Meet the blogger [Memyselfandbooks]

Today we're meeting with Ana she's 22 years old. You should definitely check out her blog and other socials which you find down below! Hi! My name is Ana and I'm from Portugal. -What's your favorite genre? My favorite genre is fantasy but I also like to read contemporary, historical fiction and romance. -Who's your... Lees verder →

Meet the blogger [Lizofwords]

Today we're meeting with Eliza, she puts a nice blog together for you to get to meet her! Enjoy reading and definitely check out her blog! I’ve always been a chatty person whenever the topic is something I love. I love to rant all about it to my friends and family. Sometimes my sisters would... Lees verder →

Meet the blogger [Thebooksofwonder]

Today you gonna meet Sietske, she has Dutch and English blogs on her blog but she explains below how that is, it will all be in English. She doesn't only have a beautiful blog but she is also a dear friend of mine! Definitely check out her socials! Hi! My name is Sietske and I... Lees verder →

Book haul!

I haven't bought a book at the end of February. I made a rule for myself that I could buy a book when my unread books were under 30 books and that happened so I bought 6 new books! Ellingham Academy is a famous private school in Vermont for the brightest thinkers, inventors, and artists.... Lees verder →

Meet the blogger [bellerosereads]

Today we meet Ciello her blog is completely in English so definitely check out her blog!     Why do you become a blogger?  I always loved creating content and getting to be creative with the things that I love. I always had so much to say about the books I read but nobody to share it with, so I created bellerosereads to have a place to gush about all the books that I love and find people that have the same bookish interests as I am. Another reason why I created the blog was to encourage myself to read more, in past years I didn’t read much and now I have a reason to keep up with my TBR pile.  Favorite genre  Fantasy! I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s such a wonderful genre full of endless possibilities, you find so many different stories within that genre and just there are no limits for what can be done with it.  Favorite author  Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare are my top two favorite authors. SJM has such a brilliant mind at creating wonderful, epic worlds and weaving a story with many characters without making it confusing, she does the most amazing plot twists I’ve seen Cassandra Clare has created one of the best fictional worlds I’ve had the pleasure to read, she has expanded that universe magnificently and the way she pulls through plot twists that seemed impossible to make blows me away every... Lees verder →

Meet the blogger [ohsrslybooks]

Meet the blogger Joy, she has a Dutch blog so this will all be in Dutch. When she reads English her reviews will also be in English so you can definitely check out her blog! Hallo! Mijn naam is Joy, ik ben 19 jaar en ik heb een blog genaamd ohsrslybooks. Ik ben begonnen met bloggen... Lees verder →

April wrap up 2020

I got a lot of reading done this month! Mostly because of the quarantine because of that my work closed so I have more time to read. I will put the covers of the book that I've read down below with the summary and my rating. If you wanna read my review about them, I've... Lees verder →

Book review – Deviously Sincere

Summary The media has compared the FBI's current serial killer to Jack the Ripper. Not because of the way he kills, but because he can evade law enforcement. This killer has an agenda, he believes his acts will purify women right down to their corrupt souls. While his work is well known, the FBI still... Lees verder →

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