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Book series I need to finish

So I have a few duologies/trilogies/series on my shelves that I still need to finish😅


Harry Potter

The most shocking one of all probably, the Harry Potter series.
I’ve only read the first book and haven’t read the others yet.
I’ve seen every single movie in the cinema so I never had the need to read the books but now I do want to but I’m not in a hurry.



28962906._SY475_Stalking Jack the Ripper

I love this series! I’ve read the first and second book and just bought the third book, planning on reading it soon!

There is also a novella and a fourth book but still, need to buy them! The novella is only in ebook though..





23437156Six of crows

I’ve read the first one (duh, or else this wouldn’t be on this list)
And I just bought the second one and hope to be starting it this week!







I only read the first vol. and to-be-honest I find them too expensive to buy them new so I hope to find them cheap or get them second-hand…

So no idea when I will finish this!





13519397Throne of Glass

I’m almost done with this series!

I just need to read the last book and it’s finished but it’s so damn thick! I started and read one chapter and put it away 😂

So I will see when I’m gonna pick it up again haha.




8490112Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I remember that I loved this book and recommended it to everyone!
Why I love it? I seriously don’t remember (oops) so I really need to skim the pages, mostly when I read the last chapter I remember again so hopefully that will happen again so I can read the second book!





24445517Maybe Someday

I didn’t even know this was a duology(?) when I picked it up, I found out that there was another book when I looked on Goodreads…

But I loved this book so definitely gonna pick up the novella and second book!! Still need to buy them though…





29589074._SX318_Truly Devious

I buddy read this book with Sietske and planning to buddy read the other books as well with her so no idea when we gonna pick this up, I still need to buy the other books and hopefully I can get back to work again on the 1st of July so we have to see!






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  1. I’m currently doing a harry potter readathon! I hope you finish those series above. I finished Six of crows duology, Truly devious, and Maybe Someday. I am just reading Saga on my spare time, and I am lacking Kingdom of Ash for TOG series. Good luck!

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