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Meet the blogger [Lizofwords]

Today we’re meeting with Eliza, she puts a nice blog together for you to get to meet her!
Enjoy reading and definitely check out her blog!

F6C8744C-C44C-4A80-9DCA-43EC1FCC2BCEI’ve always been a chatty person whenever the topic is something I love. I love to rant all about it to my friends and family. Sometimes my sisters would even get annoyed me. To spare them from future rantings, I thought of making a blog and putting all my thoughts into it, whether I’m reviewing a book or talking about any bookish topic. Thus, the birth of Lizofwords (which fun fact is a pun for lists of words due to the many words that consist of blogging).

I’ve always liked reading ever since I was young. One of my favorite places to go was a library or a bookstore. As a child, I was shy and quiet, especially if we aren’t close so I guess the escapism that reading offers really appealed to me. I love getting my imagination wild and travel to another world through reading.

My love for writing, on the other hand, is an outcome of my love to read. I’ve tried writing books myself; however, I never got to finish one. I would start writing then stop midway. In school, I would prefer writing than anything oral (probably due to my introverted character). Because of this, I love to blog, write, and express all my thoughts about the things I love.

Favorite genre? Without hesitation, I would say Romance! I’m a huge hopeless romantic and I rarely read a book without romance. I don’t think I can enjoy a book without romance.

And because of this, my favorite authors are Colleen Hoover, Penelope Douglas, and Carian Cole. For me to identify the author as my favorite, I have this system wherein I need to have read at least 3 books of them and loved it. Whenever that certain author would come up with a new book, I would read it without doubts because I already know I’d like it. And these perfectly describe the three authors I’ve listed.

It’s no wonder that my favorite books are also written by them – Confess & Regretting You by Colleen Hoover, No Tomorrow & Tied by Carian Cole, and Credence by Penelope Douglas. These books, all romance, have torn my heart into pieces and I LOVED it.

I loved writing this post, and if you’re reading until this point, thank you so much! You can connect and reach out to me at:

Blog  – lizofwords

Goodreads – Eliza

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/addictingbiblIophile

Tumblr –  http://tumblr.com/blog/lizofwords

Ko-fi – http://ko-fi.com/lizofwords

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